Solar Screens

The most efficient Solar screens install on the outside of your home or business windows. The ability of the glass window panes to magnify the suns intense heat is greatly reduced when solar screens are applied. Solar screens can reduce your utility bills by up to 40%. 

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Of course, you will find that a solar window screen can do much more than simply lower your energy bills. A solar window screen can also reduce sun-damage to your furniture and your walls and rugs, etc.

One of the additional benefits of solar screens are great privacy. Allowing full visibility outside with the comfort of privacy on the inside.

Don't you hate it when you pull out your couch from its place beneath the window and find that the entire couch has faded, except for the parts that were never in the sun? Or think about when you pull a painting off a wall with plans to move it, but quickly change your mind when you see how the paint beneath it has not faded like the rest of your wall has.


We also make custom fit solar screens for skylights.
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